Lee Tomaschefski

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LEE TOMASCHEFSKI plays "Lauren Marshall," the dangerously obsessive ex-girlfriend of Ben Traimer (Todd Hann). She says she's willing to remain friends... but exactly how deep is her hatred for the new love in his life? Will jealousy drive her over the edge?

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Lee is a performer of many talents. Before American Idol took to the TV airwaves there was PopStars, and the experienced singer-songwriter soon became an audience favorite thanks to her amazing vocal abilities and spunky attitude.

In addition to her work in film and music, Lee is a renowned fitness model.

She is often recognized by fans of the rock group "Theory Of A Deadman" from her appearances in their music videos.

Who's taking advantage of who? Therese (Tristan Risk) and Lauren (Lee Tomaschefski) share a tender moment!


Naughty nurse routine lands Vancouver actress in the international spotlight
September 29, 2004
VANCOUVER - It’s official – SLASHER FLICK star Lee Tomaschefski is too hot for the airwaves!
In SLASHER FLICK, Lee plays Lauren Marshall, the dangerously obsessive ex-lover of murder mystery ringleader Ben Traimer (Todd Hann). But it’s her starring role as a naughty nurse in a TV commercial that has thrust this future superstar into the international spotlight.
This week, the union representing British Columbia’s professional nurses demanded that a Vancouver radio station, CKZZ 95.3 FM, discontinue an immensely popular television advertisement starring Lee as a seductive nurse with some seriously sexy dance moves.
Pop music rocks on in the background as “Nurse Lee” leads her hospital colleagues through a sexy, choreographed dance routine. They’re soon interrupted by a grumpy patient who declares, “It’s time for my sponge bath!”
The advertisement has been a local favorite since it began airing September. Much to the dismay of Lee’s fans, the radio station has agreed to withdraw the advertisement.
“Our members told us they were deeply offended to see nurses portrayed as willing to abandon their patients so they could sing and dance," said a press release from BCNU president Deb McPherson.
When later interviewed by BC-CTV News, McPherson even went as far as to liken the commercial to soft-core pornography.
“It reminds me of a movie that was on in a hotel that I was staying at called Nurse Debbie Does Dallas,” she said.
News of the controversy has quickly spread to TV news outlets in Canada and the United States, but this is not the first time Lee has found herself in the spotlight.
Before American Idol took to the airwaves, Lee was a finalist on a similar Canadian TV production called PopStars. After beating out thousands of competitors, the young singer-songwriter became an audience favorite thanks to her amazing vocal abilities and spunky attitude.
Lee is also renowned fitness model, and has been a finalist in the Miss Molson Indy modeling competitions. She’s also frequently recognized by fans of the rock group Theory Of A Deadman from her appearances in their music videos.
“Lee is an outstanding and talented performer who brings a hugely creative dynamic to our film,” said SLASHER FLICK director Dan Zachary.  “In time this girl’s going to be a huge star, and I’m thrilled that she’s beginning that journey to the Hollywood A-List with Moviehouse Pictures. She’s on her way to becoming the next big thing…and thanks to Lee and her castmates, so is Slasher Flick.”