Michael Coleman

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MICHAEL COLEMAN plays “Joseph,” a local newspaper reporter assigned to get to the bottom of the controversial Slasher Flick murder mystery show.

What sort of dark secrets will he uncover? And what are his chances of making it out alive?

Bio and Credits:

Michael Coleman!...the man, the mission, the untold story!

Michael's first taste of stardom was at the tender age of 8, when he played the lead role in his elementory school's (Green Timbers Elementary ) performance of "The Dump Monster." Michael continued his theatrical journey and went on to perform in numerous other plays throughout his high school years (playing Rif in "West Side Story", Egeus in "A Mid Summer's Night Dream", and Juror numer 8 in "12 Angry Men").

Michael began writing and performing sketch comedy with Slasher Flick director Dan Zachary for his public access television station at age 16. In the twelfth grade, At the tender age of 17, Michael was ready for bigger things. He wrote, produced and performed in his own sketch comedy television series on his local public access channel. The show starred Michael, his brother's and some of his friends from his high school acting classes.

This experience was the beginning of bigger things to come.

The life of the party! - Mike Coleman and Angie Zachary in a scene from "Slasher Flick".

Since then Michael has been involved in numerous other comedic television series in their developmental stage and continues to create and shop new ideas with his partners (Peter New and Tony Gronick) at Mr. Fishburger Productions. Michael acquired his first television and film agent after being "discovered" through the local comedy club circuit in 1994.

His first big role was on Chris Carter's "Millennium" starring Lance Henrickson. Since then Michael has performed in various other television and movie projects ("Y2K," "The Chris Isaak Show," "Air Bud V: Spikes Back!," "Point Blank," "Slasher Flick," and "The Watergame" to name a few).

Michael has also found a home for his numerous voices in the world of cartoons and radio! Michael has established himself as a popular voice talent with appearances on several top anime and animation series ("X-Men," "Infinite Ryvius," "Quintuplets," "Dragon Ball Z," "Hamtaro," " Ranma 1/2," "Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen," "Cardcaptors") and the animated feature "Ark" starring James Woods and Michael's good friend Kirby Morrow.

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