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Trevor (Brett Viberg) sees something suspicious in the woods.
Someone is playing tricks on Trevor (Brett Viberg) and Janice (Lisa Sowden).
Trevor (Brett Viberg) investigates something on the road in a scene from Slasher Flick.
Lisa (Angie Zachary) hears some disturbing news!
Tibor (Dave Cote) and Lisa (Angie Zachary) chat about the finer points of dating.
Dreighton (Benjamin Gutknecht) investigates someone screaming.
James (Johnnie Monster) finds something he wasn't meant to see.
The reaper admires his work.
Stacey (Tamara Pender) and Lauren (Lee Tomaschefski) share an emotional moment in Slasher Flick.
Lisa (Angie Zachary) and Joseph (Mike Coleman) take their baby coffin for a walk in the woods in a scene from Slasher Flick.
You're number one!
Dreighton breaks up a fight between Ben (Todd Hann) and James (Johnnie Monster).
Dreighton (Benjamin Gutknecht) confronts Andrew (Steve McGowan) about his shoes.
Ben (Todd Hann) has a sad moment.
What is so terrifying that would make Lauren (Lee Tomaschefski) scream?
Lauren (Lee Tomaschefski) gives Stacey (Tamara Pender) an evil look.
Rosemary (Patricia Nudd) wakes in lingerie with a bump on her head and a lot of questions.
Rosemary (Patricia Nudd) notices something stirring in the woods.
 Ben (Todd Hann) has an uneasy moment with Lauren (Lee Tomaschefski).
 Lauren (Lee Tomaschefski) waits in Ben's (Todd Hann) cabin.