Todd Hann

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TODD HANN plays “Ben Traimer,” an ambitious theatrical entrepreneur with a peculiar obsession for 1980s horror movies. He’s caught in a love triangle between two of his fellow castmates, Lauren (Lee Tomaschefski) and Stacey (Tamara Pender).

Bio and Credits:

Todd began performing at an early age. He grew up in Whitecourt, a small town in northern Alberta. He was involved with school plays and music festivals throughout elementary school. Todd would coerce his teachers into allowing him to perform skits at the end of class. He would often recruit his classmates for his plays. At home, the story remained the same. When his parents, Alphonsus and Anne, would have friends over, Todd would hound them into letting him perform skits for his new audience with the help of his sister, Amy.

His first influence was his elementary school teacher, Bonnie Reid. She cast Todd in the lead roles of numerous school plays and entered him in music festivals. During his childhood, he idolized Harrison Ford (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark). But he was also a fan of the Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. His involvement in school plays continued into junior high school.

Todd's family began moving around until finally settling in his birthplace, St. John's, Newfoundland. His love for performing became a thing of the past as he had to adjust to new surroundings and new friends. His grades suffered, but he graduated high school. He attended a community college studying business management, but was unhappy and dropped out after the second year.

Todd's friend, Allan Hawco, encouraged him to try modeling and acting. But Todd was hesitant. It had been years since he'd performed

"Where the hell is Stacey?" Todd Hann, Lee Tomaschefski and Johnny Monster in a confrontational scene from Slasher Flick.

on stage. He was bitten by the acting bug, and began to do acting classes and community theater. Soon he was living in Calgary pursuing an acting career. His first year in Calgary was a struggle, but after taking acting classes and doing extra work, he began getting roles in student, short and independent films.

After four years in Calgary, Todd has scored lead and principal roles and became a member of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists). In January of 2002, he moved to Vancouver and soon discovered how competitive the industry would be. He decided it was necessary to fine tune his acting skills and began studying with Mel Tuck. Under his guidance, Todd has made important self-discoveries and has taken his talent to the next level. He is excited about where this new knowledge will take his career. But, he realizes that his journey has just begun.


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