Tristan's Chibi's

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We at Moviehouse Pictures were a tad bit confused but somewhat excited when Darkest Hour cast member Tristan Risk said she had to show us her Chibi's. We do admit being somewhat disappointed when we found out she was talking about Japanese anime style cartoons.

But darn it... they are funny.



Tristan drew several chibi cartoons while on set. They all chronicle her experiences while filming Darkest Hour.

The cartoons are caricatures of the actors cast, crew and characters in the film.


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The actresses check out their leading man!
Dreighton (Benjamin Gutknecht) and the Reaper discuss wardrobe differences.
Director Dan Zachary tries some motivational techniques on his cast.
Lauren (Lee Thomaschefski) uses her musical talents to stop the maniac.
Stills Photographer Ashley Maile sets up a shot.
A problem with casting.
Therese (Tristan Risk) finds a pet. Looks like he escaped from the MPAA!